Entrepreneur Warrior

I will help to support new entrepreneurs in choosing their business, and development of plans. Being a mother and an entrepreneur means that I really understand the day to day sometimes minute to minute situations. Time is precious. At the same time, things cannot be rushed.  As an Indigenous mom, the knowledge that my work is being supported by my broader vision of wanting to ensure even those skills I regain to help my own loved ones, which may seem futile to others, are important and ever reaching.

What and how entrepreneurship looks for everyone can be dramatically different, and this is important in examining, supporting and mentoring. I will help build with the process of choosing your business, to suit your lifestyle, considerations and life path.

An entrepreneur warrior learns the journey is about honouring your gift. An entrepreneur warrior gives back, as well as ensures that their journey is sustainable. Sustainability is necessary for the global world, we are all apart of this. An entrepreneur warrior keeps going, despite set backs, and takes moments to prepare. An entrepreneur warrior provides for their loved ones, with their knowledge and skillset, to the best of their abilties, and still continues with the hope to build and be empowered in doing so.



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